We are an in-network PPO provider with all the major insurance companies servicing California.

As an in network provider we accept the insurance companies negotiated rate as compensation for services provided. The client is responsible for all deductible costs, out-of- pocket costs, and co pays. We take care of processing all insurance claims. No paperwork for the client or family.

Screening Process

Our administrative assistant staff will screen the clients insurance for speech therapy coverage, prior to scheduling a first time insurance appointment. In order to complete the insurance screening, clients will be asked to provide the following: a copy of the front and back of their insurance card, the client name and date of birth, and the name and date of birth of the primary insured on the policy. Once the insurance screening is complete our staff will contact the client and review the insurance screening in detail, providing the client with detailed benefit information. This process helps clients identify eligibility for speech therapy and out-of-pocket costs for the service.

Our clinic policy requires that every insurance client needs to provide the clinic with a prescription for speech therapy prior to his or her first appointment or on the date of the appointment. All insurance clients are required to obtain a prescription from a doctor for speech therapy. No insurance service will be provided without a prescription from the client’s medical doctor.

We recommend clients to check with their insurance regarding speech therapy coverage.


Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments. We reserve the right to refuse service if the account with our clinic is delinquent. A schedule of our current standard rates will be made available to you.
Please ask if you have any questions about our rates. Although, it is our practice to provide as much advance notice as possible, our standard rates and terms are subject to change without notice. In the event that you default in your payment responsibilities, you will be responsible for our costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.


Attempt to contact our clinic 24 hours in advance if you know that you will miss an appointment. As openings permit, your appointment will be rescheduled. We do understand there may be extenuating circumstances and illness.

Therapy Frequency and Intensity

Treatment is provided in a 30-minute treatment session. The sessions per week will depend on the severity of the disorder or delay. Therapy and parent training are conducted simultaneously during the session. Family participation is a crucial component of the client’s progress.

Parent Participation

Families are strongly encouraged to participate during the client’s treatment session.
For pediatric clients we encourage that the family work with their child throughout the week and in-between appointments with the recommended suggestions and techniques from the therapist.Therapists provide verbal and/or written homework exercise programs at the end of each session.Your regular assistance will increase your understanding of your child’s efforts and of the therapy treatment objectives, and will greatly promote your child’s progress. It is your extra efforts at home that often truly make a difference.